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On this site, you will find articles not only about psychology, but also about how it can be connected to subjects like applied math and artificial intelligence. Keep reading to find interesting and relevant articles about these topics!

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Robots with Emotions

As robots start to become more advanced, one aspect that is still being developed is their emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is “the ability to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions” (Cherry, 2020). This includes interpreting body language and facial expressions, understanding the emotions of others, and responding with emotions appropriately. According to author Daniel Goleman, emotionalContinue reading “Robots with Emotions”

Music Therapy

When we hear the word “therapy”, the vision that immediately comes to mind is someone sitting in a comfortable chair, talking about the difficulties they are facing in life. We usually do not envision someone playing the guitar, moving to music, or singing in a group. However, this type of therapy, known as music therapy,Continue reading “Music Therapy”

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